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MiSun charger lights are built for adventure – ready for anything, ready anywhere, ready when you are. Light up your life and recharge your phone.

You’ll never be in the dark or out of touch with a MiSun.


MiSun Star

Simply brilliant, the MiSun Star is every portable light and power bank you'll ever need. No more batteries, bulbs, plugs or dead phones. Keep your MiSun Star in sunlight when you're out and it won't let you down when darkness falls. Neither will your smartphone.

MiSun Spectrum

Putting the fun in function, the MiSun Spectrum adds crazy colour indoors and out. Using the user-friendly MiSun Android and iOS app, the MiSun Spectrum transforms any space with any and every hue under the sun. Bring warmth and relaxation to your lounge, uncork a party atmosphere and sprinkle festive cheer. You can cast a cool vibe or create a romantic ambience as MiSun Spectrum delivers any colour or brightness level.

MiSun Select

Been there, seen it, got the best charger light in the world. Add a team badge, company logo, country flag or campaign slogan to a MiSun Star and you have MiSun Select - the best item of promotional merchandise since the invention of the free t-shirt. We do great deals for bulk orders, discounts for worthy causes, and we’re launching MyMiSun for Christmas so you can create your very own custom charger light online – the brightest gift idea for the friend with everything.

MiSun Star solar light and power bank

MiSun Specttrum Special Effects Colour Solar Light and Power bank

MiSun Select Personalised Solar Light and Power Bank

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The WattPak is an integrated solar energy system that is the perfect solution for your off the grid power requirements.


The SunPort is a solar powered LED light with a motion and light sensor.  Perfect for portable toilets, sheds, boats and many other applications.

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