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Wattlo provides consulting services across several disciplines. The Wattlo team are experienced and innovative in sustainability, renewable energy systems and storage, efficient lighting, and Green ICT (including software development and database design) that can help you develop your projects and guide you to success.  All Wattlo's products can be customised to suit or strategically combined to help with integrated solar energy solutions. Wattlo engineers can developed award winning solutions combining sustainability with information technology.

Key areas:

  • Efficient lighting
  • Battery system storage
  • Solar PV and solar thermal
  • Wireless and batteryless switch systems
  • Environmental data management
  • Software development
  • Database design
  • Information architecture
  • UI design

Lee Knaggsi

Managing director - Wattlo 

A professional Environmental Engineer, Lee has worked across a wide range of sustainability and environmental sectors. With over ten years experience at all levels of Government Lee has a strong understanding of regulatory compliance, environmental research and project management skills. Combining a background of strong IT skills with environmental engineering Lee is able to develop innovative solutions to Client needs. For a more detailed background of experience and skills please see Lee's LinkedIn profile.

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Anton Butsyk

Software engineer/system administrator

As a qualified and experienced software and systems engineer, Anton is committed to the development of intelligent business systems. Possessing advanced technical literacy and expert level programming capability, Anton enjoys creating innovative solutions to complex problems. Throughout his career Anton has enjoyed all phases of software development, from conceptual to integrity testing, compliance and approvals phases. 

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