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Wattlo is an Australian owned business in operation since July 2010 developing environmentally responsible, niche, and innovative products for a sustainable future.

The company was born from a casual discussion between mates about the lack of lighting in portable toilets. These mates would ultimately become Wattlo’s board of directors and, naturally, their first product - the SunPort - was a solar powered light designed for use in portable public toilets. Through the SunPort design phase a gap in the market was identified for compact, visually appealing and easy to install energy efficient products: priced for SME affordability. As a result the Wattlo team began engineering a range of innovative products for multiple applications.

Wattlo now has offices in Brisbane, Australia and Kansas, USA and representatives located in Melbourne, Australia. The company has strong relationships with key potential customers and is now moving into the production phase for latest innovative product, the MiSun range of solar lights. Ultimately, Wattlo intends to bring to the market a broad range of novel energy efficient products for independent use, or for integration to create holistic “off the grid” energy solutions for business and individuals.

Wattlo currently offers products and services in the specialized areas listed below. Our expertise is increasing continuously through concept exploration and collaboration with our clients.

Products and services:

  •   Energy efficient lighting

  •   Portable solar lighting

  •   Environmentally responsible energy storage

  •   Renewable energy infrastructure (small-scale wind)

  •   Responsive solution design and implementation consultancy services for private and government projects

  •   Design and prototyping services to bring customers’ sustainable energy ideas to life

With energy resources depleting and energy prices increasing exponentially the marketplace is looking to alternative energy options. Forecasters predict continued growth in demand and Wattlo is poised to play a major part in this exciting new era.

We are developing new sustainable energy products for several industries, including prefabricated housing, portable toilet, mining, boating and camping.

All our products can be customised to meet any requirements.  Our team at Wattlo can help with all your solar related projects. Just ask us how.